Mecklenburg County Groundwater & Wastewater Services 
On-line Well Registration Address Help

Mecklenburg County provides several Internet applications that can hep you find a valid address for your property:

Address Information Center

This application provides one-stop shopping for basic information about an address. It gathers GIS information from nearly a dozen sources and conveniently presents it within a single application. The system provides a very easy-to-use interface and reports commonly requested GIS information at a glance, with links to specific applications for more advanced users or those requiring more details and functionality.


Property Ownership Land Records Information System (POLARIS) is an Internet mapping application designed for access and retrieval of maps and GIS data layers associated with real property in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.  The major components include:  nine different searching methods, ownership and appraisal information, photographs of structures, market analysis searches, linear measurements and acreage calculations, shading of parcels by type of land use, shading of parcels by year of sale and sales price labeling, street address labeling, aerial photography, full-page printable maps and property reports, and a printable adjoining owners report.

Street Name Lookup

The Street Name Lookup provides access to the county's official Street Name File. Information on all the streets in the county can be found here.

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